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Pink Loerie starts preening feathers for 2018

The Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts Festival is fluffing out its tail feathers as it returns to Knysna in 2018 with a new committee and an expanded program.

In the wake of the Knysna Fires (blamed by some on gay weddings, nogal!) the annual Pink Loerie Mardi Gras and Arts Festival has announced its return to Knysna in 2018. After recently making a generous donation to the town and its residents in the wake of the devastating fires, the people of the Pink Loerie will again host this long running event and continue its support of Knysna and all its people.

The dates for 2018 have been moved to make it possible for more people to attend. From Thursday 24 May to Sunday 27 May, Knysna will once again take out its pink hats and feather boas to celebrate diversity.

We will be announcing the exciting new theme for 2018 in November this year. Next year’s festival will feature the ever-popular Queens of Wigstock, who will be performing in a huge Wigstock One Day Only Extravaganza, slated for Saturday 26 May. Plans are also afoot to host a few theatre performances and media sponsor GaySA Radio is hard at work planning shows that will cater for children and adults alike.

There are several other regular activities and events that will return, and it is hoped that more people will join the parade through the streets of the town.

The project will be launched at Villa Castollini in Knysna on Wednesday 15 November 2017. All local businesses are invited to attend, so that they can participate in arguably the biggest LGBTQ+ festival on the African continent. A committee comprising of Knysna residents and business will be formed that will work with the main organizing committee.

Johann van Niekerk chairs the main organizing committee and he is ably assisted by the former mayor of Knysna, Georlene Wolmarans. This team of eleven people will work closely with the local committee to reinvigorate the event and bring pink tourists back to Knysna, which is literally rising from the ashes.

With seven media outlets on board (including the big LGBTQ+ names like GaySA Radio,, Exit and Gay Pages), the Pink Loerie 2018 will have wide visibility, which of course will give excellent exposure to the event sponsors and advertisers. This is the ideal time to approach the committee for naming rights and other sponsorships. This will give the Loerie (and the town of Knysna) the materials to feather their nest, to hatch the eggs that will become the Pink Loerie 2018. is eagerly waiting to hear from you in this regard.

The legend holds that the Phoenix will rise from the ashes, but in Knysna’s case it might just be the Pink Loerie rising from the glitter, to bring you a bigger, better and more inclusive event next year.


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